Snoop Dogg Hammer Bubbler - Lightship

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The Snoop Dogg Lightship Bubbler is a super cool, sleek, modern glass bubbler from Snoop Dogg Pounds Collection. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this purple bubbler features a tapered flat mouthpiece, a honeycomb ashcatcher bowl, and a diffused downstem to ensure all your hits are cool and smooth like The Highness Snoop Dog himself. 

The Lightship measures 5.75" long, making it a travel-friendly piece you'll want to take everywhere. This is an officially licensed product that features the Snoop Dog signature logo on the mouthpiece stem. 

This awesome bubbler is designed to help you get blasted into outer space when enjoying your favorite flower. The bubbler is delivered in a sturdy collector's box that's perfect for gfit-giving. 

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