Smoking Brown Medium 1 1/4 Unbleached Rolling Papers

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Introducing Smoking brand Brown edition rolling papers. Smoking Brown papers are one of the leading latest-generation ultra-fine, unbleached papers that are more environmentally friendly. Smoking Brown rolling papers are not only ultra-thin but feature a high level of transparency and a super slow burn time. Made with natural vegetable gum with no colorings or additives ensuring you get the perfect stick with just one lick.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Slow Burning
  • Unbleached, Chlorine Free
  • Ultra Thin with High Transparency
  • Smoking Watermark
  • 100% Natural Vegetable Gum with No Additives
  • FSC Certified
  • Size: Medium 1 1/4 (77mm x 44mm)
  • Leaves/Pack: 50
  • Packs/Box: 25

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