"Puff Tuff" Mini Inline Dab Rig with Banger & Bowl

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Not everything has to be big in order to be good. This has never been more true than with this Mini Inline Dab Rig standing at just 5" tall. There is plenty of good to go around when using a mini dab rig-- mostly due to their convenience, affordability, and subtlety.

This particular piece sacrifices no functionality with its size, utilizing an expertly engineered inline perc housed in thick borosilicate glass that includes BOTH a 2mm polish joint quartz banger and 14mm funnel flower bowl. These fit onto the 90 degree 14mm female joint, which couples the bent neck and flared mouthpiece for ergonomic usage.

Take a ride to tiny town and see just how well this rig stacks up against the big boys.

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