Skull Pirate Gas Mask Bong with Straight Tube

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Turn every head at the next party with this spooky and definitely different silver-colored Skull Pirate Gas Mask Bong. It looks badass AF and features a wearable mask you strap to your head that's connected to a straight-tube bong. You can enjoy big bold hits of dry herb without even revealing your identity if you want to go incognito. Otherwise, share this gas mask bong with your best buds and have a blast getting blasted because this thing is so much fun to use!

This portable mask bong features detachable parts to make cleaning the unit as easy as pie. Included is an acrylic tube with a removable plastic base, a metal screw-on bowl, and a removable metal downstem that's held in place with a grommet. 

To use the bong, just add water to the tube, fill the bowl with your dry herbs, and secure the mask on your face with the adjusted straps. Then torch up the bowl and inhale. The bubbly smoke will work its way up the tube before entering the mask so be sure to close your eyes while inhaling and enjoy the rich, tasty, and filtered rip!  

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