Silicone Vapor Straw with Quartz Tip

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It's not always possible or practical to set up your rig when you want to do some quick & efficient dabbing. Get yourself this affordable and durable 7-inch Silicone Vapor Straw w/ Quartz Tip and dab when and where you want. 

This handy dandy, extremely portable dab straw features a colorful silicone body and a removable quartz tip. It's just what you need to dip and sip on your terms. This vapor straw with the quartz tip allows you to enjoy the flavor profiles of your favorite concentrates. Just heat up the quartz tip, apply the hot tip to your concentrate, and inhale. 

The Silicone Vapor Straw w/ Quartz Tip is sold in assorted, random colors. It's a great little ripper you'll love using. 

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