Silicone Rasta Pineapple Key Chain Pipe

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The Silicone Rasta Pineapple Key Chain Pipe is a super cool pipe shaped like a pineapple and made from red, yellow, and green high-quality silicone. It's just 2.75 inches tall making it perfect for on-the-go use. 

The pipe comes with a removable clear glass herb bowl and a keychain attachment you can use to fasten the pipe to your belt loop, bag hook, or keys. The pipe features a pineapple crown-shaped mouthpiece that's comfortable to use and a carb hole on the front for airflow control.

This pipe is fun to use, and its discreet and portable design makes it travel-friendly. It's an easy piece to clean and one that will last a very long time with some routine cleaning and care. It's a great gift idea for any smoker who loves pineapples and/or rasta colors. 

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