Silicone Hammer Bubbler with Glass Bowl & Storage

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Smoke in style with this handy hammer bubbler that's colorful, super-durable, and highly portable. This 7-inch long bubbler is made from virtually indestructible silicone and is equipped with a removable bowl made of durable borosilicate glass. 

The bottom of the bubbler is flattened so it won't tip over when you set it down between rips or when loading the bowl. There's a left side carb hole for controlling airflow and a secret stash compartment built right in so you can take along a nug or two of your favorite strain. This hammer-style bubbler is perfect for travel and it won't break if you drop it or even toss it across a room! 

It's an easy piece to clean and one that's destined to last a very long time if you take decent care of it. It comes in two great color combos too!  

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