Silicone Gun Pipe with Metal Screen

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When you arm yourself with this 4.35-inch long Silicone Gun Pipe, you can take quick hits of your favorite dry herbs when you're out and about. This little pocket pipe shaped like a rifle features a metal bowl insert in the gun's stock. 

Unlike a glass pipe, this pipe made of silicone will never crack or break. It's super durable and can take what you dish out. You can toss it in your bag or purse without worrying it will break and head out and have some fun. When you feel like smoking, just pull out your gun pipe, load the bowl, and light up! 

The Silicone Gun Pipe comes in an assortment of bright color combos. The color you get depends on what's available at the time you order. Your friends will be envious when you whip out this pocket pipe to fire it up. It's a colorful, durable, and unique little pipe that's a blast to use! Claim yours while supplies last. 

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