Silicone Gas Mask Bong - Double Bubble Tube

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This double bubble acrylic tube gas mask bong is lots of fun to use and great for parties! It consists of a bong and a strap-on silicone mask for enjoying big smoky blasts of your favorite dry herbs. Pull this baby out at your next get-together and watch the good times roll! 

This Silicone Gas Mask Bong comes with a double bubble acrylic tube design that offers extra room for the smoke to cool, for a more enjoyable hit. The wearable mask can easily be secured to your head with the adjustable head strap.

The portable mask bong is made from durable silicone that molds around your face creating an air-tight seal. The removable downstem comes with a screw-on metal bowl and is held in place by a rubber grommet on the lower section of the tube. All the parts are detachable for easy cleaning, maintenance, and safe transport. 

The mask is available in black or rasta and the acrylic tube is delivered in a random color. The gas mask bong is extremely durable and easy to take along in your backpack or bag. It's perfect for the beach, parties, festivals, poolside, or anywhere you want to have a blast smoking in a very unconventional way! 

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