Side Neck Showerhead Water Pipe

Side Neck Showerhead Water Pipe

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The first thing that strikes you about this 10-inch Tsunami showerhead concentrate rig is the cool-looking colored side neck mouthpiece. Designed to make dabbing comfortable and easy, the Side Neck Showerhead Water Pipe uses a showerhead percolator to infuse your puffs with bubbling water. 

When you load your concentrate into the 14.5mm male banger and take a hit, you'll enjoy watching the incredible bubbling action of the water as the perc infuses the smoke to cool and smooth out your final rip. The awesome side neck mouthpiece makes this premium rig a complete pleasure to use. 

Made with 4mm thick premium glass, this compact rig is built for travel. It's also a very stable piece that won't rock and tip over when you set it on a table between rips or when loading the banger.

In addition to the iconic Tsunami Glass logo on the chamber, this beautiful rig features color accents on the wide round base and side neck mouthpiece for an added touch of class. 


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