Side Neck Honey Turbine Rig

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Tsunami is known for its premium dabbing tools and accessories, designed for those seeking only the best and who know exactly what they want from their glass pieces. 

Their Side Neck Honey Turbine is great if you're looking for strong rips and a sturdy piece that can withstand everyday use. It's built with thick glass, but what gives it additional stability is the wide base and cylindrical body, reinforced with two honeycomb percs. The percolators and the long fixed downstem ensure a tasty hit that's potent but not harsh on the lungs. 

The Side Neck Honey Turbine rig stands 9 inches tall and comes with a 4mm thick 14.5mm female vortex banger. It is transparent with colored percolators available in the brand's signature colors - green, amber, and blue. 

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