Tsunami Showerhead and Swiss Perc Water Pipe

Tsunami Showerhead and Swiss Perc Water Pipe

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Looking for a great rig that can really rip? This Tsunami 11-inch Showerhead Swiss Concentrate Rig has all the ripping power you need. It's outfitted with two percolators: showerhead perc and Swiss perc that looks like a block of Swiss cheese with a whole lot of holes. The more holes the cleaner the rip! 

The multiple percolation system allows you to watch white clouds of goodness brew in the chamber as the water is propelled through the holes and slits. Then it's just a matter of inhaling your rip through the comfortably curved & flared mouthpiece, so you can enjoy the clean, smooth flavors of your concentrates. 

This rig is made of 4 mm thick high-quality glass. It's a stable piece with its wide thick base. It comes with a 14.5 mm male banger and there's a gold Tsunami Glass logo on the chamber. To take this rig's style up a notch, there are cool color accents on the mouthpiece and base in your choice of Green, Blue, or Amber. 

This premium glass rig is ready to rock your world. 

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