Sharpstone 4-Piece 2.5" Solid Top Grinder

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When you're prepping your favorite herbal strains for rolling or packing, you want a nice fluffy consistency when grinding. The portable 2.5-inch Sharpstone Grinder does just that: It grinds your herb into the perfect consistency for easy rolling or packing. 

This 4-piece grinder made of aircraft-quality aluminum using CNC technology, is a good looking, rugged little grinder. It's got razor-sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that shred and grind your herbs with great efficiency.

The Sharpstone consists of a strong magnetic lid, a grinding chamber where all the work takes place, a stainless pollen screen, and a pollen chamber where you can collect the powdery leftovers for later use.  

This grinder is a pleasure to use. With its thin poly ring to make grinding smooth with no metal friction, this grinder works quietly for discreet grinding on-the-go.

The Sharpstone Solid Top Grinder comes with a handy storage pouch and a pollen collecting tool. It's available in a wide range of fun colors. Pick your favorite and place your order today.

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