Sharpstone 4-Piece 2.2" Solid Top Grinder

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Known for their top-notch CNC machined quality and smooth manual shredding action, Sharpstone portable grinders are preferred by experienced RYO smokers.  

This sleek, pocket-friendly Sharpstone 4-piece Solid Top Grinder is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It features a strong magnetic lid, a grinding chamber, pollen screen, and a pollen chamber that holds your dusty deliciousness until you're ready to collect it. You'll be amazed by how this little grinder's incredibly sharp teeth make easy work of quickly shredding your herb into the perfect fluffy consistency every time you use it. 

This Sharpstone grinder measures just 2.2 inches wide, making it the perfect size to pop in your pocket or purse. It comes in a variety of fun colors so there's sure to be one that catches your eye. Order yours and enjoy using one of the best mini grinders on the market today.

You'll enjoy using your Sharpstone so much you may find yourself offering to grind your friends' herb once you've finished with yours! 

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