Sean Dietrich "Caterpillar" 2.25" 4-Piece Grinder

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This 2.25-inch pocketable and very portable metal grinder features the amazing artwork of Sean Dietrich. He's an artist extraordinaire who travels across America "live painting" in front of audiences.

The artwork on the lid of the grinder isn't a sticker. It's been printed directly onto the grinder's top in full color. The design features Dietrich's famous Caterpillar that's taking big fat hits off a bong. 

 This 4-piece grinder features a magnetic closure and a gripping texture on the cap for easy grinding. There's a sifting screen with a pollen chamber that you can empty out using the included scraping tool. 

This robust little grinder shreds and grinds your herbs so they’re ready for rolling into joints or packing bowls. Get yours while supplies last.

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