Sean Dietrich "Honey Hatter" 4-Piece Metal Grinder

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Artist Sean Dietrich enthralls audiences across the USA with his live painting shows where he creates amazing masterpieces while being accompanied on stage by a DJ playing tunes. This 2.25" dry herb grinder features Dietrich's wild and wacky"Honey Hatter" piece on the lid. 

This durable 4-piece grinder features a magnetic closure and a gripping texture on the cap to make grinding your herb effortless. There's a sifting screen inside and a pollen chamber where you can collect all that dusty goodness using the included scraping tool.

This 4-piece grinder features super sharp teeth that shred and grind your herbs into the perfect fluffy consistency that's ready for rolling or packing. You'll love using and showing off this awesome little grinder that's just the right size to slide in your pocket or pop in your bag or purse. Grab yours while supplies last.

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