Seahorse Glass Hand Pipe

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On the hunt for a truly unique hand pipe that will turn heads? This 4.5-inch long portable Seahorse Glass Pipe is a bit unusual. It's made of thick and sturdy worked borosilicate glass and is shaped like a seahorse. 

This pipe is cleverly designed with a bowl on the body and a carb hole on the tail end to control airflow. The head of the seahorse doubles as a mouthpiece. This handmade pipe comes in varying ocean/beach themed colors. 

The Seahorse Pipe is perfectly portable for on-the-go smoking enjoyment. Whether you're collecting unique pipes, need a cool gift, or simply want a cool weed pipe for at-home use, this pipe is ideal! It's charming, quirky, and a fully functional pipe that's easy and fun to use.

Note: This piece comes in various colors. We will do our best to send your preferred color, but may send an alternative color depending on availability.

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