RYOT VERB ESB Replacement Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece

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The VERB ESB (Electronic Straw Bubbler) from RYOT is the newest way to enjoy your concentrates directly from your silicone container or dab mat. The ESB features a unique water-filtered bubbler chamber to provide for the smoothest dab hits you've ever taken. Eventually, your bubbler may become too dirty to clean or have an unfortunate fall. If that's the case the replacement bubbler mouthpiece is here for you. This is the same glass bubbler piece that comes with your original ESB vaporizer and is great to have as a back up in case of accidental breakage.

  • Original ESB Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece
  • Provides Water Filtered Dab Hits
  • Compatible with VERB ESB Vaporizer
  • Great for Backup or Replacement
Brand RYOT
Material Borosilicate Glass
Size 5" x 2" x .75"

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