RYOT VERB ESB Replacement Ceramic Heating Tips (2 Pack)

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The RYOT VERB ESB (Electronic Straw Bubbler) is the newest concentrates vaporizer from RYOT that features ceramic heating tips. These tips almost instantly heat up so you can enjoy your favorite extracts directly from your silicone jar or dab mat wherever life takes you.

These ceramic tips can burn out or become to dirty over time so it is important to replace them regularly. This 2 pack features to RYOT replacement tips that are identical to those shipped with your vaporizer. Make sure to clean the connection to your ESB before screwing on your new tips for the best connection.

  • Compatible with RYOT VERB ESB Vaporizer
  • High Quality Ceramic
  • Heat Almost Instantly
Brand RYOT
Material Ceramic
Size 2" x .65"
Tips/Pack 2

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