Rocket Ship Metal Hand Pipe

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It's fun to get blasted into oblivion when you smoke from this Rocket Ship Hand Pipe. This compact pipe made of durable metal is 5.5 inches long when fully assembled and it feels amazing in your hand! 

This colorful Rocket Ship pipe features a detachable six-part design. You can easily unscrew the parts for cleaning and then re-screw them back together in any way you want. If you want a short pipe, leave out a couple of parts, and voilà!'ve got the size you need for taking discreet rips of your favorite ground flower. It's a genius design we love and are confident you will too. 

You'll see stars when you use this super cool pipe that features a narrow mouthpiece that's comfortable on your lips. The pipe is sized just right to fit easily into your backpack or bag. It ships in random colors, so you'll have a surprise waiting for you when the package arrives! 

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