Raw Classic Pre-Rolled Lean Cones (20-Pack)

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Raw Pre-Rolled Lean Cones measure 109mm in length and feature a 40mm tip. These cones are made from the same unbleached natural rolling paper as other Raw products and can save a ton of time when compared to rolling your own papers. The Raw Lean Cones include a filling funnel so you can easily load and pack your cone. The Raw Pre-Rolled cone shape lets more tobacco burn when first lit, and less as it is smoked. This ensures that your first drag will taste the same as your last. Each pack contains 20 pre-rolled lean cones.

  • Unbleached Natural Paper
  • Cone Filler Included
  • Size: Lean (109mm)
  • Tip: 40mm
  • Cones/Pack: 20

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