Raw Organic Hemp Roll

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RAW built on its success with RAW Organic Hemp King Size Roll. Each roll contains 15ft of the famous unrefined RAW Organic Hemp style paper. RAW Organic products are completely unbleached and made from Hemp Paper, they have a natural light brown colour due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibres which results in a thin golden brown almost translucent smoking paper. The paper is individual watermarked with a Criss Cross which helps prevents runs and creates a more even burning rolling paper.

RAW Rolls are great for all you RAW fanatics who want to choose their own size of paper. Everybody loves RAW, it’s more than just a paper, it’s a way of life. Available in both Classic and Organic Hemp styles.

  • Organically Grown, Chlorine Free Pure Hemp
  • Burns Extra Slow and Extra Clean
  • Run-Preventing Watermark
  • Clean, Natural Tasting Smoking Experience
  • Choose Your Own Paper Size
  • Width: 44mm
  • Length: 5 Meters (15 Feet)

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