Raw Flying Rolling Tray

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The RAW Flaying Rolling Tray is something fun created by RAW when a couple of RAW employees were out one afternoon playing disc golf and needed a rolling tray. Naturally, they used their disc but it didn't work too well. Stuff was getting stuck on the edges near the rim and it was easy to scratch your fingers on the rum.

Thus, it was done. RAW created the RAW Flying Rolling Tray to have a perfectly smooth inside surface for rolling with no injections points and nothing to mess up an otherwise perfect roll.

We're sure you'd prefer that it was a perfectly balanced competition disc, but by changing the insides to make it smooth for rolling it could never be a comp disc anyway. This disc was made for rolling, throwing and having a good time with your friends!

  • Smooth Inside with No Rough Edges
  • Made Specifically for Rolling
  • Large Rolling Surface
  • Doubles as Frisbee
  • Raw Logo
  • Diameter: 10.5"

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