Rainbow Speckled Hammer Bubbler

Rainbow Speckled Hammer Bubbler

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This sturdy boro glass bubbler delivers smooth and tasty hits of your favorite herbal strains. The Rainbow Speckled Hammer Bubbler is 6-inches long. This is a beautiful piece featuring rainbow-colored speckles throughout. 

Designed for your smoking convenience, this cool bubbler is more advantageous than a regular hand pipe because it adds a layer of water filtration to your rips. Just add some water, pack the bowl, light up, and take a draw. Your hits will be silky smooth, easier on your throat & lungs, and full of great flavor. 

Because glass is an inert material, you won't pick up any outside unpleasant tastes when you use this bubbler. Instead, you'll enjoy the true flavor of your herbs just as Mother Nature intended you to do. 

Each glass hammer bubbler is hand blown which means the colors vary slightly from one piece to another. Get yours today. 

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