Pulsar Vortex Recycler Oil Rig

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The beautifully-designed Vortex Recycler Oil Rig with its dual recycler tubes that curve around the unit, is a 9-inch workhorse that promises silky smooth and flavorful hits. 

This Pulsar rig is fitted with a vortex-shaped no-splashback drain that keeps the water from draining back to the bottom without any annoying splashback. It features a fixed diffused downstem with a 14.5mm male quartz banger

This is a sturdy and durable compact dab rig that has a round thick base for extra stability. It's the perfect size for daily solo seshes at home and fits easily into your bag to take to group seshes.

The beautiful color accents vary so you'll be pleasantly surprised by the rig you get. You can make this the ideal setup by adding a carb cap and dabber tool. 

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