Pulsar Time Capsule Mini Rig

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The 5-inch tall Time Capsule Mini Rig by Pulsar is the perfect size for travel. This colorful little concentrate rig looks amazing with its cone-shaped perc chamber and thick wide base that keeps it stable. 

This little unit is outfitted with a diffuser downstem that bubbles and cools the vapor before you inhale. It also comes with a 14.5 mm male quartz banger so all that's needed from you is your dabbing material and a little water. 

The Time Capsule has a bent neck for your dabbing comfort and to protect your face when sparking up. Built to be compact and practical, this stout, travel-friendly rig is made from thick and durable borosilicate glass. It's decorated with the iconic Pulsar logo and sold in assorted colors which may vary from the images. 

You'll love the contrasting colors of the glass, the cool water filtration, and the big bold rips this little powerhouse delivers. Score yours today. 

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