Pulsar Quartz Deco Dab Straw Collector

  • $24.95
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Looking for a great dab straw/nectar collector that never fails to deliver smooth hits? The Pulsar Deco Dab Straw is an excellent choice to make. This is a 6 inch long vapor straw that's equipped with a diffusion chamber that breaks up the vapor for cooler and smoother hits. 

Made entirely of quartz and etched with the Pulsar logo, the Deco Dab Straw is one high-quality piece. This nectar collector makes it easy to tip, dip, and sip your hash, wax or concentrate. 

While it's always nice to use a dab rig, sometimes you don't feel like pulling it out or maybe you just can't. Get yourself this Pulsar straw so you always have a way to enjoy your dabs.

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