Pulsar "Pirate" Oil Rig

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We’re not going into all the Talk Like a Pirate day shenanigans here, matey. Ooops! Looks like we did. Well we can justify that. This pirate-loving oil rig is a super special piece from Pulsar.

The design is just marvelous, glows under blacklight and features a skull and cross bone graphic. Did we mention it comes in multiple color variants? It does. It also has a honeycomb percolator for fantastic filtration and a fixed downstem to complement it. They’ve made the mouthpiece bent so that it’s more comfortable and avoids spills.

The quartz banger nailed is also included in the package. This pirate rig is 9” high and sports a 14.5mm female joint. Aye, matey. It’s perfect!

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