Pulsar Melting Bubble Dab Straw Collector

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Vaporize your favorite concentrates on-the-go with this fantastic Pulsar dab straw! The Melting Bubble Dab Straw is a 8.5-inch long beauty you'll love to use and show off to friends. 

 Made from durable borosilicate glass, this dab straw features a fun color combination with a worked glass honeycomb bubble decoration that separates the body from the tip. There's a frosted Pulsar logo on the handle of the straw that looks great! 

It’s super easy to use this dab straw. Just heat up the tip, touch the hot tip to your concentrate of choice, and inhale. 

The Melting Bubble comes in assorted, varying colors. Score one today so you can tip, dip & sip in style! 

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