Pulsar High Class Beaker Waterpipe

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The High-Class Beaker Water Pipe is poised and ready to provide you with a first-class smoking experience. This 13-inch tall borosilicate glass pipe made by Pulsar features a classic beaker design that never goes out of style.

This pipe is supported by a wide round base and is outfitted with a 14.5mm removable diffusing downstem to smooth your rips. It comes with a 14.5mm male herb slide with a colored glass handle that matches the color accents on the bottom of the pipe and on the straight tube neck. 

This pipe has a 45mm wide flared mouthpiece to provide an airtight seal with your lips so you can get those massive hits you want. The boro glass construction of this pipe makes it durable for worry-free travel. 

For those times you want to add a frosty chill to your rips, drop a couple of ice cubes in the straight tube so the ice catcher can do its job. This handsome glass pipe is waiting to provide you with a top-notch smoking experience. 

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