Pulsar Frosted Donut Dab Straw

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Use this colorful Frosted Donut Dab Straw by Pulsar so you can easily enjoy those delicious dabs you love indulging in. This 9-inch long dab straw with the colorful donut ring is made from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

This sturdy dab straw is perfect if you don't have a dab rig or don't feel like using the one you do have. It's got a nice long handle for easy use and a honey tip that makes it easy to transfer your dabbing material into your banger. 

The Frosted Donut Dab Straw is adorned with the iconic Pulsar logo on the handle. It ships in varying colors, depending upon availability. Nab yours so you can do your dabbing with a sweet donut straw by Pulsar!  

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