Pulsar Candy Drip Dual Perc Rig with Banger

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If you're looking for a eye-popping dab rig that delivers nothing but flavorful, well-defined dabs, you'll be blown away by this incredible Pulsar rig. The 10.5-inch Candy Drip Dual Perc Rig features bright, swirled color stripes and beautiful hand-worked glass accents. 

This gorgeous rig features a dual-perc design. When you load your concentrate in the included 14mm male quartz banger and heat it up with your torch, the vapor flows through a cerc perc at the bottom before bubbling up into and through the showerhead-style perc. 

The Candy Drip oil rig delivers mind-blowing, cool, and smooth hits that are full of flavor. This Pulsar rig made of high quality borosilicate glass, features a color accented wide round base for stability. The rig is fitted with a 14mm female joint and has a reinforced downstem for added durability and style. 

The Candy Drip is individually handcrafted which means no two rigs are alike and colors vary from one rig to the next. Get yours before they're gone.

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