Pulsar Bubble Vapor Vessel with Quartz Tip & Stand

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Get insanely smooth rips anywhere you dare with this portable dab rig from Pulsar. The Bubble Vapor Vessel w/Quartz Tip & Stand features a high-quality 10mm quartz tip, world-class boro glass with colorful accent highlights, and a stand that serves two purposes.

The durable stand is a natural reclaimer that's made from boro glass. As you're dabbing, the stand collects the residual dab drips as heat and gravity do their thing. 

The built-in water chamber cools the smoke and smooths out your hits. The mouthpiece of the vapor straw is adorned with the Pulsar logo.

The 8.5-inch long Bubble Vapor Vessel w/ Quartz Tip & Stand comes in random, assorted highlight colors. Grab yours and enjoy dabbing with this ultra cool unit from Pulsar. 

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