Pulsar 3 Orb Oil Rig - Female 14.5mm

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The "Orb" Oil Rig from Pulsar is a beautiful and elegant oil rig designed by one of the most acclaimed names in smokeware. 

Like an Olympic figure skater frozen in time as they twirl into the hearts of millions, the rig's shape is kinetic and gestural. Available in multiple accent colors, the striking design is both stylish and advantageously engineered. The fixed downstem transitions into an inline perc, which works in tandem with the recycler tube to form a lean mean filtering machine. 

Though modestly sized at 8 inches, it is specifically designed to eliminate splashback, making it ideal for a wheelin' and dealin' lifestyle. 

With an included quartz banger nail, you'll have everything you need to get started as soon as it arrives.

Please note: color may vary. 

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