Puffco Plus Chamber

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The Puffco Plus is one of the world's most popular pen-style concentrate vaporizers. Just like any vaporizer, it's important to regularly replace parts like chambers or atomizers. This Puffco Plus Chamber is an authentic OEM product same as the chamber that shipped with your Puffco Plus and will keep your vaporizer hitting like new.

The Puffco Plus Chamber is a coil-less, ceramic chamber. It creates an unparalled flavor and full-spectrum experience. For best results load small amounts and clean frequently to preserve flavor.

  • Compatible with Puffco Plus Vaporizer
  • Coil-less, Ceramic Design
  • Unparalleled Flavor and Full-Specturm Experience
  • Authentic OEM Product
Brand Puffco
Material Ceramic
Size 1.25" x .5"

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