Puffco Peak Pro Chamber

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The Puffco Peak Pro is the most sophisticated smart rig in the industry and the Puffco Peak Pro Chamber is the heart and engine of the whole device. Just like any vaporizer, it's important to regularly replace parts and keep up on maitenance to make sure your Peak Pro is always running like new.

The Puffco Peak Chamber features a unique sensor that communicates directly with your smart rig to precisely control temperature regardless of how hard you hit it or how much extracts you're using. The end result is the most consistent and controlled dab experiecnce ever. Make sure your getting the most out of your Puffco Peak Pro by regularly replacing this chamber.

  • Compatible with Puffco Peak Pro
  • Precisely Controls Temperature
  • Coil-less Design
  • Thermal-Banger Technology
  • Authentic OEM Product
Brand Puffco
Material Ceramic
Size 1.25" x 1.25"

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