Puff Puff Pass "Sour Diesel" Strain Grinder

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Love smoking Sour Diesel? Now you can grind up your favorite strain with the matching Sour Diesel - Puff Puff Pass Strain Grinder. This all-aluminum 4-piece grinder is equipped with comfort-fit grooves and chisel-tip sharp & wavy teeth.

The grinder features a fine mesh screen for collecting all that valuable kief that's left behind after grinding. There's even a spatula tool included you can use to scrape out all those lovely bits of goodness for later use. 

Unlike other grinders that are hard to hold, this Puff Puff Pass Grinder has slabs cut on the top and bottom to give you a secure grip for easy grinding. 

At just 2.2" x 2", this durable little grinder is ultra portable and fits in any pocket, bag, or purse.

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