Prism Vintage Floral Modular Beaker Bong

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If you love flowers and the vibes they bring, the Vintage Floral Modula Beaker Bong should tickle your fancy. The Vintage Floral is a modular bong by Prism that's a part of the brand's flower collection. On top of being a real beauty, this bong comes apart for easy cleaning so it will always look brand new. 

Every part of this 18-inch tall bong is 100% interchangeable. This means you can mix and match the pieces to your liking using other Prism bong pieces. The sky's the limit here because there are a lot of different pieces to choose from, which is really cool! On top of all that, you can easily break down this bong to make it very travel-friendly so you can take it everywhere you go. 

The modular design also means you can take it apart and store it away if needed to get it out of sight. For example, if someone’s coming over and you don’t want them to see your bong, it takes just a couple of seconds to take the bong apart and tuck it away until your company is gone! 

The Vintage Floral bong features a classic beaker style. It comes with a gold clamp, a clear slitted downstem diffuser, and a 14.5mm male clear glass bowl with a handle. The bong is constructed in the USA using thick and durable borosilicate glass.

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