Prism Spaced Out Modular Beaker Bong

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If you've ever owned a glass bong you absolutely loved and broke it by accident, we feel your pain. It probably broke your heart to dump that bong in the trash, seeing how much you enjoyed it. 

With the 18-inch tall Spaced Out Modular Bong by Prism, you'll never have to endure that pain again because all the parts of this bong are replaceable. Using the lever on the rubber-lined gold aluminum clamp, you can take this bong apart to clean it or replace a part. All of Prism's bongs including this one, feature interchangeable parts which means you can even change the design, color, or style of this bong by simply switching out some parts. 

In addition to breaking a glass bong, it also sucks when your favorite bong gets all stinky and gunked up with brown stains. But since you can take this modular bong apart, you can keep it looking like new by simply cleaning the individual parts.

As the name suggests, the Spaced Out features a space design on the straight tube, complete with an astronaut, the moon, and stars. The beaker base features a matching design with gold stars. 

The Spaced Out comes with a slitted diffuser downstem and a 14.5mm male black glass bowl. 


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