Prism Rasta Triple Stack Modular Bong

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Tall bongs are awesome and real statement pieces, every smoker will agree with that. But with all that height and glass comes some hazards like clumsy friends who tend to drop things and just accidental bumps that can cause cracks. Thanks to Prism, now you can have that height and glass because this brand offers high-quality modular bongs made to last! 

The 25-inch tall Rasta Triple Stack Modular Bong features replaceable, interchangeable parts. This means if you break a part, you can take the bong apart and replace the broken piece, and that's that!

The Rasta Triple Stack is held together using three rasta-colored aluminum clamps with rubber interiors and levers. Because this bong comes apart, you can break it down into smaller pieces for easy travel or when you need to stow it away for those times you don't want it out on display. 

The modular design makes it an easy bong to clean as you simply take it apart and clean all the pieces individually. If you do this regularly, your Rasta Triple Stack will never look awful with brown resin stains nor will it stink like dirty bongs do. 

The Rasta Triple Stack is made of thick and durable boro glass. It's equipped with twin percs for double the diffusion and filtration powerWhen you fire up the included 14.5mm male bowl and draw from the flared mouthpiece, the smoke travels from the slitted diffuser downstem in the beaker base into the first big perc before making its way to the second smaller perc in the middle stack. The upper stack has an ice catcher built in you can use to cool down and smooth out your rips even more. 

This Prism bong delivers silky smooth hits with its twin perc power and looks amazing with the triple stack design and rasta colors. If you should ever get tired of the bong, simply swap it out with other Prism pieces to make it an all-new water pipe in a design you love. The Rasta Triple Stack is tall, durable, versatile, stylish, travel-friendly, and lots of fun to use and share! 

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