Prism Mushroom Double Stack Modular Bong

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With its key lime bent mouthpiece, two big double stacks, blue aluminum clamps, and a trippy mushroom design on thick clear glass, the 20-inch tall Prism Mushroom Double Stack Modular Bong is a sight to behold and a bong that promises it's fun to use! 

The Mushroom Double Stack is Prism's premier setup for function and size within the custom bong family. This beefy modular bong hits milky smooth thanks to the straight percolator fixed downstem that's just below the two honeycomb percs in the bottom chamber. Once the smoke passes through the honeycomb percs, it travels up to the big tree percolator where it's filtered to the max, allowing you to take massive filtered chugs that are deliciously smooth. 

Because this is a modular bong, you can break it down for easy cleaning, part replacement, switching it up, and packing it away in a backpack for fun adventures. The bong is made in the USA using thick and durable boro glass. It features an 18.8mm bowl joint and comes with a matching clear glass herb slide.

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