Prism Moonlight Rose Modular Beaker Bong

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Ever wished you could get your favorite glass bong as clean as it was when it was new? Maybe you've even wished you could swap out a part or two to stylize your bong. Perhaps you'd like it to be another color or shape, or even a bong with a whole new base design. When you have the Prism Moonlight Rose Modular Beaker Bong, you can make all your wishes come true!

With its modular design, you can take this bong apart via the blue aluminum clamp above the beaker base. This makes cleaning the bong as easy as pie as you simply clean each part separately without any hassles, headaches, or swearing. If you later decide you want to make the bong taller or change its color or design, you can do that using Prism's interchangeable bong parts. 

This 18-inch tall bong is made in the USA using thick and durable boro glass. The straight tube features a gorgeous blue rose design on a white glass background that's finished with a flared mouthpiece to keep your hits comfortable. Drop a couple of ice cubes into the tube when you want to add some chilly smoothness to your hits so the built-in ice catcher can work its magic. 

Under the blue aluminum clamp is a clear beaker style base with a matching blue rose design. Included is a blueberry-colored downstem diffuser and a white 14.5mm male herb bowl with a handle for easy lifting. This bong looks amazing and hits nice and smooth like all good beaker style water pipes should. 

Because the Moonlight Rose is modular, it can be easily broken down for travel and packed away discreetly if you need to get it out of sight. 

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