Prism Halo White Modular Bong

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The 13.7-inch tall Prism Halo White Modular Bong is perfect if you're looking for a beaker-style water pipe you can switch out or add parts whenever you like. It's also ideal if you need a travel-friendly bong that screws apart, allowing you to easily pack it in your backpack or bag for taking on all your adventures. 

This bong is made of durable, high-quality glass. It features a clear beaker base that's 7mm thick, a 5mm thick white prism mouthpiece with a flared end that has a 2-inch tube diameter. There's even an ice catch built into the bong for those times you want to add soothing cooling to your rips. 

The Halo White Modular Bong is outfitted with a 18.8mm female joint. It comes with an 18.8mm>14.5mm clear downstem and a 14.5mm male herb bowl complete with a handle.

This bong is durable, versatile, stylish, and fun to use. It has a black halo threaded connector between the mouthpiece and the base that's adorned with the Prism logo. 

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