Prism Halo Tie Dye Double Stack Modular Bong

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Get in the groove with some hip 70s vibes with the Halo Tie Dye Double Stack Bong. This is a modern modular bong by Prism that screws apart for easy cleaning, switching out parts, and convenient travel. It's 20-inches tall and made of thick and durable glass. It features two tie dye halo screw-on connectors to add a pop of color to this big straight tube bong with the classic beaker-style base. 

This 18.8mm female-jointed bong features a clear tree percolator in the center that adds a layer of smooth water filtration to your hits. It comes with a Blueberry 18.8>14,5mm downstem and a Blueberry 14.5mm male herb bowl complete with a handle. 

Whether blue is your favorite color, you love tie dye, or simply need a stylish bong that comes apart for transport, customization, and easy cleaning, this piece by Prism should tick all the right boxes for you!

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