Prism Halo Sunflower Honeycomb Modular Bong

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Looking for a gorgeous bong that delivers big milky hits of smooth flavor? Feast your eyes on the Halo Sunflower Honeycomb Modular Bong by Prism. The first thing you notice about this 12.5-inch tall bong is the beautiful sunflower adorning the exterior of the smoke chamber and the matching bent neck mouthpiece in green. It's stunning!

As one of Prism's new modular bongs, the mouthpiece unscrews from the bottom chamber for easy cleaning, switching out parts, and convenient travel. The black halo threaded connector holding the pieces together is adorned with the Prism logo for a nice touch of class. 

This bong is outfitted with a 18.8mm female joint and a fixed reinforced downstem. It comes with a handled 18.8mm male herb bowl in green that matches the mouthpiece and greenery around the sunflower.  On top of all that awesomeness, there are two honeycomb percolators in the smoke chamber that work to filter and smooth your rips.

This beautiful bong never fails to deliver big smooth rips of flavor that are easy on your throat and lungs. It's a show-stopping piece that deserves a spot front and center in your glass collection and it's perfect for travel. Just unscrew the bong, pack it in your backpack or bag, and head out on your adventures!

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