Prism Halo Spaced Out Modular Bong

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With its otherworldly design and state-of-the-art modular functionality, the Halo Spaced Out Bong by Prism is one awesome piece. This modular bong stands 17.8 inches tall and emits quality and class from top to bottom. 

This incredible water pipe is constructed of high-quality glass and features a 5mm thick Spaced Out mouthpiece in white and a Spaced Out beaker base that's 7mm thick. There's a gold halo threaded connector holding the two parts together. 

This bong is very easy to clean, travel with, and store away. Just unscrew the mouthpiece from the base and you're good to go! It's an 18.8mm female-jointed bong that comes with a 18.8mm>14.5mm white downstem and a handled midnight black bowl with a 14.5mm male joint. There's an ice catcher built into the mouthpiece you can use to add some frosty goodness to your rips. 

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