Prism Halo Mint Sky High Modular Bong

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Imagine having a big bong you can clean easily to keep it pristine, and one you feel comfortable traveling with. Sound like a dream? Make that dream bong a reality with the Mint Sky High Modular Bong by Prism. This 17.8-inch tall bong is easy to break down for easy cleaning, part replacement, switching it up, and tossing it in your backpack for adventurous fun.

The gorgeous gold halo threaded connector securely holds together the Sky High Mint mouthpiece and Sky High beaker base. The bong has a 18.8mm female joint and comes with a clear glass 18.8mm>14.5mm diffused downstem and a clear 14.5mm male bowl.

This big and impressive bong is made of high quality glass and it's super durable! The beaker base is 7mm thick, the mouthpiece is 5mm thick, and the mouthpiece tube diameter is 2-inches. 

The Mint Sky High Bong is a gorgeous piece featuring mushrooms, clouds, and cannabis leaf decorations on the tall mouthpiece and the wide beaker base. The neck of the mouthpiece features a built-in ice catcher for those times you want to add a frosty edge to your rips.

All in all, the Mint Sky High Modular Bong makes a great pick if you want a big, aesthetically-pleasing, and durable bong that's easy to clean and travel with! 

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