Prism Halo Pink Lemonade Modular Bong

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If pink is your color and you need an awesome bong you can break down for travel, check out this piece by Prism. The Pink Lemonade Modular Bong stands 17.8-inches tall and is made of thick and durable high-quality glass. It features a 2-inch wide pink lemonade mouthpiece and a clear glass beaker base that's 6-inches wide and 7mm thick. 

The mouthpiece of this bong separates from the base via the beautiful gold halo threaded connector. This allows you to break it down for ease of cleaning, part replacement, switching it up, and tossing it in your backpack or bag for on-the-go adventures.

The bong has a 18.8mm female joint and comes with a pink lemonade 18.8mm>14.5mm downstem and a handled 14.5mm male herb bowl also in pink lemonade. 

This nice beaker-style bong has a built-in ice catcher you can use for those times you want colder, more refreshing hits. Just drop a couple of ice cubes into the bong's neck so the smoke has to travel over the ice and cool as you inhale from the comfortably flared mouthpiece. 

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