Prism Halo Mushroom Modular Bong

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Whether you enjoy consuming magic mushrooms or foraging for fun, the Halo Mushroom Modular Bong is a piece you'll appreciate. This 13.7-inch tall bong comes apart for simple cleaning, switching out parts, and ease of travel.

Instead of using clamps to hold the bong part together, Prism outfitted this bong with a stylish mint halo threaded connector for ease of use. The halo connector matches the mint straight neck mouthpiece that has a flared end to form a good seal with your lips. 

The 2-inch wide mouthpiece is made of 5mm thick glass, andthe beaker base is 7mm thick, making this piece incredibly durable. This is a 18.8mm female-jointed bong that comes with a 18.8mm>14.5mm mint downstem and a matching male herb bowl with a handle. 

Because this bong comes apart, it's super easy to clean and keep pristine. If you want to change the looks of the bong or add an accessory like a perc or new downstem, you can do that with ease using Prism's bong add-on parts. 

Every time you take a hit from this bong, you'll enjoy viewing the group of mushrooms at the bottom of the beaker base. If you want to add some chilliness to your rip, drop a couple of ice cubes into the mouthpiece neck so the onboard ice catcher can work its cooling magic. 

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