Prism Blueberry Modular Beaker Bong

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If blue is a favorite color of yours and you want a quality bong that's super versatile, check out the Blueberry Modular Beaker Bong by Prism. This beautiful 18 inch tall water pipe features an innovative modular design that offers a whole slew of benefits.

Experienced smokers know that bongs get dirty fast and they can stink to high heaven. But when you have a modular unit like this bong from Prism, you can put those days behind you. Like all the bongs from Prism, the Blueberry comes apart for easy cleaning.  Plus, you can break this bong down into smaller parts for easy storage and travel, which is another big plus! 

The Blueberry is a sturdy piece constructed in the USA using thick and durable borosilicate glass. The blue aluminum clamp on the bong has a rubber interior and a lever on the side to close and tightly hold the two pieces of glass together. There's an ice catcher built into the straight tube just above the clamp you can use for adding some frostiness to your rips. 

Another great thing about this modular bong is that all the parts are interchangeable. You can customize literally everything from the glass color, shape and size of the base, downstem, clamp color, and more using Prism's parts. And, if you drop the bong and something breaks, you can fix it instead of having to throw the whole thing away like what happens if you drop a regular bong and we think that's great! 

You get it all with the Blueberry bong. It's beautiful, sturdy, easy to clean, fix, store, and travel with. Plus, you can swap out the parts for other Prism parts and have a brand new bong anytime you like! 

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